Taekwondo Uniforms

In Taekwondo, specialists wear a particular conventional uniform known as a “dobok.” The dobok is intended to be lightweight, agreeable, and helpful for the powerful developments engaged with Taekwondo. Key parts of a Taekwondo uniform include:

Coat (Jeogori): The highest point of the dobok is known as the jeogori. It is regularly a Slipover plan with a wraparound style. The coat is lightweight and may have short or long sleeves, contingent upon the expert’s inclination and the particular prerequisites of the everyday schedule.
Pants (Baji): The jeans of the dobok are called baji. They are regularly wide-legged and consider a full scope of kicks and positions. The jeans frequently have a flexible belt or a drawstring for a safe fit.
Belt (Ti or Ddae): Taekwondo specialists wear shaded belts that connote their position. The belt is tied around the midriff and is a fundamental piece of the dobok. Novices start with a white belt and progress through different varieties until arriving at dark belt positions.

Token or Fix: Some doboks may have school or association symbols, patches, or logos sewn onto them. These augmentations are many times well defined for the specialist’s everyday schedule.
The shade of the dobok may differ, yet it is generally regularly white, particularly for amateurs. Dark is frequently held for higher-positioning specialists, especially dark belts. The plan of Taekwondo garbs may likewise differ in view of the particular style of Taekwondo or the rules set by the World Taekwondo League (WTF) or other administering bodies.

While picking a Taekwondo uniform, professionals ought to consider factors like solace, fit, and adherence to a particular prerequisites set by their Taekwondo the everyday schedule. It’s vital to take note of that various schools or affiliations might have varieties in uniform style and may have explicit standards with respect to patches, weaving, or different subtleties. Continuously check with your educator or the overseeing body of your Taekwondo style for direction on choosing a suitable uniform.

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